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2K Antique Black 250mL

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Price: $12.00
Item Number: AB250



2K Antique Black patina solution is effective on copper, brass, bronze, and most steel substrates. 

2K patina solutions are low odor, water based metal salt solutions derived from historical formulations for use by the modern day patina artist.  These solutions allow the natural process of patination on colored metals that naturally occurs over great time periods to be accomplished in a substantially shorter time frame with more predictable results. 

2K Antique Black patina may be used as is for black patinas or use up to 50% diluted for lighter brown shades of patina.



It is important to clean the metal before any coloring operation.  Ensure that all oils, waxes, flux remnants, mold release agents, and oxides are removed from the metal surface. The best method of cleaning most materials is to sandblast.  If this method is undesirable then non residual solvents such as acetone, isopropyl or methyl alcohol, or lacquer thinner are useful for removal of most oils and waxes.   When grease is present clean the work with a TSP solution or blend of ammonia, soap, and water.

2K Technologies manufactures and recommends the use of 2K Metal Cleaner or 2K EcoBright Cleaner for optimal performance.  2K Metal Cleaner is a fast acting strong acid metal brightener for severe tarnish and oxide removal.  2K EcoBright Cleaner provides an effective organic acid based green alternative when fine detail may be dissolved by use of strong acids. 

When the metal is thoroughly clean water will “sheet” or cover the whole surface rather than bead up.  Rinse the metal well and dry thoroughly.  From here on, handle the work only by the edges.  Apply patina within 30 minutes.


The patinas made by 2K Technologies are ready to use and formulated to be applied at room temperature.  The method of application depends on the size and shape of the work.  

  • Immersion into the patina solution.  Allow to react until desired finish is achieved. 
  • Spray the patina solution using spritzer.  Be sure to clean the spray components after use as any metal components will be attacked by the patina solution.  Avoid inhalation of the mist.
  • Brushing the patina on using brushes, sponges, wads of cheesecloth, and other improvised tools to dab solution onto the metal.

IMPORTANT!! In all cases allow the solution to react but DO NOT allow blackener to dry.  Gently rinse in clean water and then allow to air dry.

  Mishandling the blackened surface at this point may result in a damaged finish [See Tips and Tricks]

  the results will be affected by the temperature of the metal, the temperature of the solution, and the duration of exposure to the patina solution.


  • For steel surfaces hot or compressed air is recommended for drying after rinsing to prevent flash rusting.
  • Rubbing of the wet black finish after rinsing will result in a gunmetal black finish; this effect is ideal for engravings for a contrasting finish.
  • There are many different types of metal alloys and the 2K Antique Black will behave slightly different with each - you may wish to test for your specific application.
  • Allowing the blackening solution to dry before rinsing or improper rinsing after application will result in the formation of copper phosphate salt which will appear as a bluish-white film that is INSOLUBLE in water.

A Note on Bluing:

Bluing is an electrochemical conversion coating created by an oxidizing chemical reaction on the surface of iron forming magnetite – the black oxide of iron.  The metal is then treated with water displacing oil for improved protection against rust.

Hot Dip Bluing (Caustic Black) is done at temperatures ranging between 135 – 155°C (275-310°F).  This method is used by major firearms companies for large scale bluing – when used with oil it provides a good rust resistant surface which is improved with the use of oil. 

Cold Bluing is usually a selenium dioxide based compound that colors steel black or dark grey.  Cold bluing is not particularly resistant to holster wear, nor does it provide a large degree of rust resistance. It does, however, often provide an adequate cosmetic touch-up of a gun's finish when applied and additionally oiled on a regular basis. 

2K Antique Black is selenium dioxide based and may be effectively used for Cold Bluing. 


Once the patina finish is achieved it may be left to continue weathering naturally or be arrested at this point by applying oil (linseed or lemon), wax, or urethane lacquer. Urethane lacquer or wax coatings improve the resistance to scratching, flaking and tarnishing. 

2K Technologies offers a Microcrystalline Wax that is a waterproof, protective paste which can be used over the antique black finish to offer excellent moisture resistance and protection against heat and fingermarks.

Note:  any patina finishes used on a kitchen surface or that will be handled frequently should be sealed with a nonporous sealer.


Patina solutions are mild acidic solutions and can cause irritation to the skin and eyes.  They are generally considered consumer friendly and carry no special restrictions and require no special safety precautions other than the normal effort to keep the liquid out of the eyes and to avoid prolonged skin exposure.  KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN!  Rubber gloves and safety glasses should be worn.  Read MSDS before using.


Product should be stored indoors in original closed container. To prevent contamination of the solution, used product should not be introduced back into the original container.  

DISCLAIMER:  2K Technologies provides the information contained herein in good faith but makes no representation as to its comprehensiveness or accuracy.  This document is intended only as a guide and it is expected that individuals receiving this information will exercise their independent judgment in determining its appropriateness for a particular purpose.  2K Technologies will not be responsible for damages resulting from use of or reliance upon this information.


Metal Blackener

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