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Although there have been significant advances in the chemistry of coatings there exists a renaissance in the use of traditional methods to color metals. 
2K Technologies provides patina solutions based on historical formulas for the modern day patina artist.

There are many advantages to 2K chemical patinas including: 

  • water-based solutions
    • low odor
      • non-flammable
        • zero volatile organic content (VOC)
          • no special equipment for application or cure
              These solutions are easy to use and produce authentic, consistent results when used on:

              ~~ metal fixtures ~~
              ~~ decorative hardware ~~
               ~~ stained glass projects ~~
               ~~ jewelry making ~~

              Effective for restoration projects and outdoor metal decor of all types.

              Today's Specials

              Metal Blackener
              2K Antique Black 250mL
              Price: $12.00
              2K Antique Black 250mL
              2K Antique Black Patina Solution is used to create beautiful antique color tones on Copper, Brass, Bronze, and Steel at room temperature without the use of any special equipment. Easy to use and odorless!!
              2K Blue Patina Solution 250mL
              Price: $8.60
              2K Blue Patina Solution 250mL
              2K Blue patina solution may be used directly on copper, bronze, or brass for a bright blue patina finish. NOTE: This solution will give most steel substrates a rusty colored patina.
              Green Patina
              2K Verdigris Green Patina Solution 250mL
              Price: $10.80
              2K Verdigris Green Patina Solution 250mL
              2K Verdigris Green solution develops a patina directly on colored metals and does not require previous treatment with antiquing solutions unless a dark background is desired.
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